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Fix Your Smile with Veneers

Because your smile is one of the first things most people will recognize about you, it’s important for you to feel confident in it. If you’re embarrassed about the way your teeth look, you have a lot of options to fix it. One of the most effective ways to bring life back to crooked, gapped or stained teeth is with porcelain veneers in Port Orange, FL. This cosmetic dentistry treatment can hide flaws in your smile in as few as two visits to White Wolf Dental. Our team has years of experience in the technical and artistic aspects of dental veneers, so we can help create your dream smile sooner.

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Are You a Candidate for Porcelain Veneers?

Nearly all of our patients who are experiencing cosmetic issues with their smile are good candidates for dental veneers, as long as they are in good oral health. While veneers don’t resolve functional issues with your teeth, including a bad bite (malocclusion), they can be a great option if you’re dealing with any of the following issues:

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Our Personalized Treatment Process

Treatment with porcelain veneers at White Wolf Dental is customized precisely for your mouth. To perform at their best, veneers have to hide problem teeth and help you smile naturally. At your first appointment, our cosmetic dentists will remove a small amount of the enamel on the front of your problem teeth. Next, we’ll take detailed scans and impressions of the teeth and custom craft your porcelain veneers in our dental laboratory.

Once your dental veneers are ready, you’ll come back to our office in Port Orange, and we’ll verify their fit and appearance. Once you’re completely satisfied, we’ll bond them securely to your teeth. You don’t need to complete any special care or maintenance with veneers: simply brush and floss daily. They won’t stain like normal teeth do! We’ll create your veneers by hand to complement your other teeth, as well as your gums and lips. With us, you can have the smile of your dreams for many years to come.

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