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Make Over Your Smile with Aesthetic Dentistry

Your smile is one of the first things that people will notice about you, so it’s important to keep it looking sharp. Missing, failing, crooked or discolored teeth can have a negative impact on your quality of life and on your systemic health. That’s why at White Wolf Dental, we offer a full spectrum of cosmetic dentistry in Port Orange, FL.

Our restoration dentists can mix and match the services we offer to fully customize your treatment. Not only that, but we can even customize the timeline of your cosmetic dentistry to better suit your busy schedule (not to mention your budget).

We Make Restoration Dentistry Accessible

The best thing about getting your cosmetic dentistry at White Wolf Dental is that we will completely customize your treatment. This includes doing everything we can to make sure that your cosmetic dentistry is affordable. Whether you decide to spread out your treatments over time to reduce your costs or you go with our dental financing options, we’ll be glad to help make your dream smile accessible.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services at White Wolf Dental

The cosmetic dentistry team at White Wolf Dental uses a variety of techniques and skills to help make your smile as healthy and bright as it can be. A few of the services we offer include:

A crown is a cap, usually made of ceramic, that goes over a problem tooth. We can apply crowns to severely damaged teeth or ones that have undergone root canal therapy, restoring the function and aesthetics of the tooth without requiring dental implants.

A dental bridge can fill the gap left by one or more missing teeth. It attaches to a crown on either side of the gap. Bridges are a cost-effective, minimally invasive way to restore your smile.

In many cases, our restoration dentists can file off a small amount of your tooth enamel to place custom porcelain veneers. These caps can hide chips and stains and fix other cosmetic flaws as well.

One of our favorite cosmetic dentistry treatments is Kör teeth whitening. In as little as one visit to our restoration dentist, you can brighten your teeth multiple shades. Kör whitening combines gels and bleaching lights to provide results you won’t see with at-home treatments.

If you have crooked or crowded teeth, the cosmetic dentistry team at White Wolf Dental is proud to offer a variety of transparent orthodontic treatments to help you straighten out your smile. Some of these treatments take as little as six months!

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