015 Talk To The Dentist – Interview with Mike – A Patient Shares His Experiences on Sedation, Implants and Other Things

Mike is a patient who, like many of you, had teeth that had slowly deteriorated over the years. While at first he thought he really was alright, he finally decided he needed to change things. Listen to him tell why he waited two years to act. What made him eventually decide to go ahead? How did he cope with some pretty extensive treatment – implants, crowns, IV sedation?

Besides being a great guy, Mike is very articulate. I like how he explains how he came to have the treatment, how carefully he considered his options, costs and potential problems, and what it all eventually meant for him.

One think I love about being a dentist is how we can positively affect people’s lives. Mike says it better than I can.

Thank you Mike for sharing your story!

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One comment on “015 Talk To The Dentist – Interview with Mike – A Patient Shares His Experiences on Sedation, Implants and Other Things
  1. I was quite impressed with the improvements to your website not having visited it in probably the last 5 months.
    I was pleasantly surprised to see podcasts on your website. I listened to several of them and learned a few things in the process. Your offering of “Free Dental Day” over the years is certainly generous and inspiring. In these tough times of a bad economy, which will not go away anytime soon, I can see this idea catching on to motivate many more service businesses in Port Orange to hopefully join in and expand this concept.
    With your updated website, the information provided, the friendly workplace atmosphere, and the level of services your office provides, I can see that Dr. Valenzi is one of those forward-looking dentists who likes to stay on the leading edge of dentistry which is certainly a bonus for all his patients. Let me also truthfully mention that I think Dr. Valenzi has probably the best support staff in the business. No hype…it’s true!
    Another thing that surprised me to learn was that Dr. Valenzi rides a recumbent bike! I happen to be a great fan of recumbents and actually owned several Ryan Vanguard LWB bikes for years. I have many fond memories of long rides on those recumbents, (one of them over 100 miles), and writing about this brings them all back. I’ve since, regretfully, sold them but still ride a mountain bike.
    Your office is providing a level of dental care far above what I would consider “normal” and for that I feel lucky that I just happened to become one of your patients after moving to Florida about 9 years ago. Keep up the excellence!

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