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TTTD026 – Dental X-rays – Do I really need them? How often should they be taken?

Click play above or right-click here to download. No one wants unnecessary x-rays. It is good practice to take them only as often as necessary. But how often is that? And why are so many being taken if you have

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TTTD025 – Facing Overwhelming Dental Problems? Strategies to Help You Cope

Click play above or right-click here to download. If you’ve been away from the dentist for a while, you know how dental problems can grow. When you do get in for an exam, you may be presented with a treatment

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TTTD024 – Removable Partial Dentures – Why We Don’t Love them, But try and live with them!

Click play above or right-click here to download. Partial dentures are the unloved stepchild of dentistry. Patients often have problems with them and dentists dislike them. Yet they are made by the thousands every day. Why is this procedure so

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019 – Implants to Replace a Single Missing Tooth – Are Implants best for a single missing tooth? What is it like to have this done? Port Orange Implant dentist | Port Orange dentist |

Click play above or right-click here to download. So let’s say you have, through good habits and good genetics, kept all your teeth, except for one. That unlucky tooth had an unsuccessful root canal treatment and had to be extracted.

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White Wolf Dental Group Presents TalkToTheDentist.com Dental Blog Podcast Site

Welcome to TalkToTheDentist.com. My name is Dr. Joe Valenzi and I am the founder of White Wolf Dental Group in Port Orange, Florida. My staff and I are excited to launch our new blog / podcast site and thank you

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