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Unhappy with your smile? You are not alone!

“I have lost all confidence in my smile.” Has this statement ever crossed your mind? If so, you are not alone! In our office, we often see patients who want to regain confidence in their smile and repair the function

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TTTD035 – Implants and Dentures – Do dentists make things too complicated? (and expensive!)

Click play above or right-click here to download. I just attended a lecture on a new technique in making implant supported dentures.   It was very elegant and hi-tech, but it got me thinking about what is really in our patients

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Port Orange Dentist Prexion #2

This patient came in to see Dr. Valenzi with concerns that her front teeth were loose. The Patient did have periodontal problems in the past which required surgery. Some redness of the gums was visible but upon examining the Prexion

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TTTD024 – Removable Partial Dentures – Why We Don’t Love them, But try and live with them!

Click play above or right-click here to download. Partial dentures are the unloved stepchild of dentistry. Patients often have problems with them and dentists dislike them. Yet they are made by the thousands every day. Why is this procedure so

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017 – Talk To The Dentist – Implants for Denture Users

Click play above or right-click here to download. Implants are often promoted in dental advertising, and they certainly revolutionized dentistry. One of the most common uses is for people who have complete dentures (no natural teeth). For these people, implants

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