Advanced Dental Technology

Port Orange Advanced Dental TechnologyWhite Wolf Dental uses advanced dental technology and state-of-the-art equipment to serve you and your family. Every year, White Wolf’s dentists travel all over the country investing in continuing education and new technologies to bring you the best dentistry has to offer today. Contact us today to learn more about our advanced dental technology and see why White Wolf Dental Group leads the Pack in technology!

Dental Implants

We offer our patients the best in implant technology to help you replace missing teeth.  Using 3-D imaging, computer fabricated surgical guides, and an array of implant systems, our dental team can give you what you need at an affordable price!  We will use our experience to guide you to the most appropriate technique for your needs.

Laser Gum Therapy (LANAP)!

Laser Gum Therapy LANAP (Laser-assisted new attachment procedure ) is an FDA approved gum disease treatment that has been proven to create new attachment – helping to make up for what was lost in the periodontal disease process.

LANAP has almost completely replaced traditional gum surgery in our practice.  Compared to traditional gum surgery LANAP:

  1. Has no cutting! We use a tiny fiber to conduct the laser around the tooth to work it’s magic in the infected gum pocket.  We don’t need to cut the gums to do our work
  2. No sewing!  Since there are no “gum flaps” we don’t have to place any stitches
  3. Faster healing and less discomfort – It was years of hearing patients complain about traditional surgery that lead us to research and adopt this technology.  Even when effective, traditional surgery is usually described as from very uncomfortable to terrible.  LANAP patients usually only take over the counter pain relievers for about 24 hrs.  Almost no one takes time off work, and we usually complete the procedure in one visit!

Not only is it fast and comfortable, the results are nothing short of amazing.

3D X-Rays!

White Wolf Dental was the first General Dentistry office in our area to offer 3-D X-rays at an affordable cost to all appropriate patients, as a standard of care.  We believe we are still the only one in fact.  We think the information that the 3-D scan shows us is so valuable, we can’t really diagnose our patients without it.  Our Prexion scanner not only shows us more information, but does so with less annoying films shoved in the back of your mouth (no one likes those!).  This is just one more way we feel we provide the best care for our patients – exactly the care we want for ourselves.

Multiple Sedation Options!

So many people avoid the dentist because of fear – fear so great even sitting in the reception room makes you sweat.  Or they avoid treatment they know they need because they don’t want to come back for multiple visits. Sedation Dentistry can help both situations!   We can get many visits worth of treatment done in one visit, easily, comfortably, and usually with you having little memory of the procedure using either IV or oral sedation.

We are one of the few offices to offer both, and we do it all the time.  Our team is highly trained and experienced to make your visit comfortable and quick.

Amazing Whitening Systems!

Tooth whitening is the fastest and easiest way to make a big impact on your smile.  Over the counter treatments and previous professional techniques were unpredictable and tended to produce a lot of sensitivity. White Wolf Dental features Kor Whitening. A comprehensive approach to whitening that produces results we have never achieved with other methods, and with a fraction of the sensitivity.

Oral DNA Testing!

Periodontal disease can be caused by any number of pathologic bacteria.  In the past we treated our patients as if they all were the same, because we couldn’t tell if you were infected with a very agressive species or more moderate varieties.  Now we can taylor your antibiotics, and treatment to the state of your infection before treatment and monitor the success of treatment after. Another way White Wolf Dental uses the best in available methods to give you the best possible treatment!

Contact us or Request an Appointment today to learn more about our advanced dental technology and discover the White Wolf Dental difference!