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Oral Pathology – The Importance of Oral Cancer Screening

From coast to coast, thousands of patients are seen everyday in dental practices, yet oral cancer is missed. Is it because doctors are not looking? Has the doctor not been trained properly to identify a suspicious mouth sores, also known

Unhappy with your smile? You are not alone!

“I have lost all confidence in my smile.” Has this statement ever crossed your mind? If so, you are not alone! In our office, we often see patients who want to regain confidence in their smile and repair the function

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LANAP – A Safe, FDA-Approved Laser Gum Therapy

LANAP vs Laser Periodontal Surgery We had a long time patient come into the office recently asking about the varying results he had read about online concerning laser gum therapy. He told us that he had searched “Laser gum surgery”

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Keep on Flossing!

Does the latest news about flossing have you confused or even happy? Don’t toss your floss just yet! Our government has endorsed flossing since 1979 when the Surgeon General and then later in the report Dietary Guidelines for Americans stated

Not all Dental Cleanings are Created Equal

“I just want my regular 6-month cleaning” It’s a phrase we hear from time to time when we tell a patient that a routine cleaning won’t be enough. It’s understandable that these folks may not want to spend extra time

Can sleeping be hazardous to our health?

As if heart disease, diabetes and cancer are not bad enough, do we really have to worry about going to sleep each night? If you think you have sleep apnea, you likely do. Sleep apnea is caused by complete or

Top 3 Questions About Dental Implants

In today’s world, there is a lot of information available very quickly and easily. A quick search on the internet will reveal more results than most people can process in a day. For this reason, looking up medical or dental

Sleep Apnea and Dentistry

When most people visit their dentist they don’t typically think of having a conversation with them about their sleep. However, did you know that dentists can help treat a sleep condition known as sleep apnea? While it may seem unconventional,

The Right Tool for the Job – The Sonicare Difference

Benjamin Franklin said it best; “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” In oral health, this saying goes a long way. Even though our current dental materials are far superior to what we had even 10 years

Implant Teeth-in-a-Day: Ms. Smith’s Story

Here at White Wolf Dental we pride ourselves in patient education and post articles to inform our patient’s about the latest advancements within dentistry. This time we will be doing something different; sharing a story.