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TTTD038 – Dr. Valenzi’s first Live Radio Show on WROD AM 1340 in Daytona Beach

Click play above or right-click here to download So this is the recording of my first live radio show.  Recorded on WROD AM 1340 on September 28 2011, it is a weekly call in show.  I’ve edited out the music

TTTD037 – What to do If Your Dentist Disappears!

Click play above or right-click here to download. This is a problem I thought I would never see.  Dental offices are closing.  Dentists retire and cannot find a replacement, they are bought out by other groups and the original office

TTTD036 – Sedation Dentistry Update – new protocols we learned in Atlanta and my radio show on WROD

Click play above or right-click here to download. We just returned from a three day intense course on Oral Sedation.  Even though I’ve been using oral sedation for 15 years, and have had lots of other training, this course was

Let us begin to Blog!

9/12/2011 Hello All !! Welcome to Our blog! My name is Cristina aka CJ and I will be your guide through this blog thing! Here I plan on discussing the fun things that we’ve done as well as update you

TTTD035 – Implants and Dentures – Do dentists make things too complicated? (and expensive!)

Click play above or right-click here to download. I just attended a lecture on a new technique in making implant supported dentures.   It was very elegant and hi-tech, but it got me thinking about what is really in our patients

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TTTD034 – The importance of second opinions and the crisis in dental laboratories

Click play above or right-click here to download. I had an interesting new patient last week who reminded me of the importance of your gut feeling when planning treatment with your healthcare provider, as well as the importance of second

TTTD033 – Top five things I’ve learned from my Patients

Click play above or right-click here to download. You’ve heard me talk for the last year or so about many things I’ve learned and want you to know about. How about what YOU have taught ME! These were hard won

Denture Soft Reline Part 1

Here’s some important information  in this common – but sometimes poorly done – procedure

Denture Soft Reline Part 2

Delivering and Implant Crown Part 1

These videos are meant to be training videos for dental professionals.  I hope they are helpful.