Featured Patients


Cathie Featured Client

Cathie was seen as a new patient in 2010. Her chief concern was that she was very unhappy with the color of her teeth and didn’t like how her upper front teeth tipped inward. Dr. Valenzi recommended in home whitening of upper & lower existing teeth to brighten her smile. This process took approximately 3 weeks. Once whitening was complete, Dr. Valenzi prepped her upper front 4 teeth and placed custom temporary veneers. Temporary veneers are a great way to preview & modify if needed prior to having the porcelain veneers finalized. Cathie was seen 3 weeks later at which time Dr. Valenzi bonded the permanent porcelain veneers. She was so pleased that her new veneers matched her other teeth perfectly!!! Cathie was so excited that her new veneers fully corrected the tipping issue of her front 4 teeth. Also, she was thrilled with her beautiful new smile and that the smile change only took 6 weeks start to finish!


Featured Clients Mike

For a number of years Mike had been seen in our office for routine dental care, fillings and cleanings. Mike had been comfortably wearing his upper conventional partial. While he was content with his partial, his wife was not! Mike’s wife didn’t like the visible metal clasps and felt like the partial made him look older. His wife had been reading about dental implants and urged him to speak with Dr. Valenzi. Dr. Valenzi reviewed his 3D Scan and determined that Mike would be a great candidate for dental implants. With the comfort of conscious sedation; Dr. Valenzi placed a number of implants with implant crowns replacing missing upper back teeth and prepped the upper front teeth for crowns. Mike left this visit a bit sleepy, but amazed at how much dental treatment had been accomplished in one visit and was so pleased with his “new smile”. Mike’s wife said her husband looked so handsome and 10 years younger!